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Participate in the TellCityBBQ survey to share your opinion and help your favorite barbecue spot shape the future. City Barbeque cherishes every customer’s experience, therefore your open comments on their customer service, the quality of their cuisine, and the environment in general is essential to ensuring that you have a wonderful eating experience.

Take City BBQ Survey

Your City Barbeque experiences matter whether it’s a fast snack, a casual lunch, or a family meal. Participate in a quick online survey that may be located on your receipt to share observations from your most recent visit.

You just need to go to, input the special code from your receipt, and respond to a few questions regarding your most recent experience. Their first goal is your enjoyment, and your feedback fuels ongoing development to make each visit better than the previous. Additionally, as a way of saying thanks for your time and effort, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of exclusive promotions or prizes.

Take City BBQ Survey

Don’t pass up this opportunity to influence the City Barbeque in your neighborhood. Your input not only improves your current eating experiences but also enables the whole clientele to take advantage of improved service, delectable meals, and the beloved real BBQ. Join in right away to help City Barbeque on its path to success!

City Barbeque Survey

About City Barbeque 

A restaurant franchise called City Barbeque is well-known for its classic sides, authentic slow-smoked Barbeque, and welcoming environment. The business takes pride in its dedication to the art of barbecue, using meats that are locally smoked, manually spice-rubbed and prepared over the course of up to 18 hours.

City Barbeque, which was established by Rick Malir in Columbus, Ohio, in 1999, has expanded dramatically and now has outlets in several states. Despite its expansion, the chain continues to be committed to authenticity, quality, and community. Each restaurant location frequently demonstrates its dedication to the neighborhood by participating in local fundraisers, events, and charities.

The menu of City Barbeque offers a range of dishes, including pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and chicken, all of which are traditionally smoked slowly and lowly over hickory wood. Traditional sides could include coleslaw, corn pudding, mac & cheese, baked beans, green beans with bacon, and green beans. In addition to the barbecue, they serve salads, desserts, and a variety of sauces.

City Barbeque has developed a reputation for its food as well as for its dedication to providing outstanding service and a warm, welcoming environment. Customers are frequently engaged in discussions about the cuisine and culture of barbecue by the staff, who have received training to be informed about the menu and the craft. TellCityBBQ

Rules and Requirements for City Barbeque Survey

  • A recent purchase at a City Barbeque location might be necessary, and participants may need to retain their purchase receipt as it could contain the survey code required for entry.
  • There’s often a time limit within which the survey must be taken after your visit. The specific period can vary.
  • Participants should be legal residents of the country or state where the survey is being conducted.
  • A minimum age requirement (often 18 years) usually applies.
  • Employees of City Barbeque, as well as their immediate family members and anyone else residing at the same household, may not be eligible to participate.
  • There may be a limit on the number of times a participant can enter during the survey period, often one response per receipt or per month.
  • Access to an internet-connected device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, is required.
  • The survey must be completed online, so internet access is necessary.
  • Participants might be asked for personal information, such as name, email, or phone number, for the purpose of notifying winners in any sweepstakes.
  • Rewards, if provided, may be non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash. There might also be an expiration date for utilizing any rewards.

City Barbeque Survey Participating Steps to Follow

  • To begin, you typically need to make a purchase at a City Barbeque location. Save your receipt as it usually contains important information needed for the survey, such as a survey code or transaction number.
  • Using a device with internet access, navigate to the official survey website indicated on your receipt. This is where you’ll enter the survey.
  • Once you’ve accessed the website, you may need to enter some information from your receipt, such as the survey code, date and time of visit, or store number. This helps verify your visit.
  • After entering the necessary information, you’ll be directed to start the survey. Questions will likely pertain to your visit, including the quality of food and service, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and your overall satisfaction.
  • You might encounter open-ended questions where you can provide more detailed feedback about your experience. Be honest and thorough, as this information is valuable to City Barbeque.
  • After answering all questions, you’ll typically be asked to submit your completed survey. Before doing this, you might have the option to provide personal contact information if you’re willing to be contacted for follow-up or to participate in a sweepstakes, if available.
  • Upon submission, you may receive a confirmation message thanking you for your feedback. Sometimes, this includes a code or voucher for a reward, like a discount or free item, to use on your next visit. Make sure to write down any codes provided, as you’ll need to bring these with you to the restaurant to redeem your reward.
  • If applicable, follow the instructions provided to redeem your survey reward. This usually involves bringing the code or voucher to a City Barbeque location before the expiration date.



  • What am I going to require in order to do the survey?

To access the survey website, you’ll probably need a recent receipt from a City Barbeque restaurant that includes a survey invitation.

  • How can I get my participation reward?

When you finish a survey that offers a reward, you usually get a validation code or voucher. To receive your award, you would then take this code to a City Barbeque restaurant. Be mindful of any deadlines.

  • My receipt is missing. Can I continue to take part?

To submit the survey code and other transaction information needed for participation, you often need the receipt. You might not be able to take part without it.


The TellCityBBQ survey is part of City Barbeque’s strategic attempt to interact with consumers and collect useful input for improving its services, menu selections, and general customer experience. The company’s dedication to appreciating consumer feedback and always growing to meet and exceed customer expectations is highlighted by this program.

Surveys like “TellCityBBQ” build a line of communication between customers and the brand, allowing them to express their real-life experiences, ideas, and aspirations to the business. This direct line of input has been extremely helpful for City Barbeque in identifying areas that require innovation or development as well as positives to build upon TellCityBBQ

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